Get Started with AR / VR / Mixed Reality

September 26, October 3 & October 10, 2018

Two-week online course from Library Journal & School Library Journal plus: AR/VR Expo on Wednesday, October 3 at 11 AM ET

Also Available On Demand!
Can’t make a live session? All sessions will be available to you on demand following the initial broadcast.

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Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) is the next big thing. But how much do you know about this exciting technology and how you could use it at your school or library? This new online workshop will get you up to speed on the latest AR/VR tech and tools—and how to use them. You’ll learn how to integrate AR/VR in your practice in interactive, live sessions led by experts, featuring case studies, demos, tutorials, and more, and get the inside scoop on how you can successfully incorporate AR/VR at your library.

The course also features an AR/VR Expo, where you’ll learn about cutting-edge technology from creators, developers, and practitioners. The Expo will feature exciting live giveaways of AR/VR tools to help jump-start your program!

As a participant in the course, you will view live sessions and join the conversation via live chat. (All sessions are recorded for on-demand access.) Most important, you’ll work with a dedicated advisor in an online coaching environment to gather resources and best practices and connect with peers from across North America (and beyond).

Guided by experts in the field, attendees of this course will:

  • Create a plan for integrating AR/VR at your library
  • Use the latest AR/VR tech and tools, through live demonstrations and tutorials
  • Discover available resources, including grants, to help support your efforts

In the online classroom, you will:

  • Work with a dedicated advisor to develop and refine your ideas, with one-on-one coaching and feedback
  • Connect with a group of like-minded professionals to workshop your plans

Who should take this course?

Librarians and educators interested in overseeing or developing AR/VR/mixed reality-oriented programming for the library. The course content will be relevant to librarians in schools or public libraries who serve various age groups and demographics.

Group discounts are available!

Register in groups for a unique team-building experience and get everyone working together. Contact us to learn more.

Inspiring Live Guest Speakers + Project-Based Learning

Engage with presenters via live video stream, visual presentations, and chats, and workshop practical ideas in small groups, with guidance from an advisor, to map out your own plans for incorporating AR/VR/mixed reality at your library.

Online Course Features

  • Instructor-led online courses feature personalized interaction over 3+ weeks
  • Real-time guest speakers and conversation via live webcast (with recordings available afterward)
  • Homework assignments to help you make progress on your goals
  • Individualized attention from course facilitators who work with you in a coaching environment to help sort out challenges
  • Ongoing group conversation via discussion forums
  • Articles, videos and other resources
  • Access all course content for 6 months after the course ends
  • Bonus: Register early and get immediate access to archival video recordings from related courses

Course Speakers

Course Schedule

WEEK 1: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SESSION 1: AR/VR/Mixed Reality 101

2:00-2:45 PM ET

Augmented and virtual reality—so many exciting possibilities for librarians and educators. In this highly practical session, you’ll get started with immersive technology, from choosing the right tools to determining the right application of this technology to engage your particular users. Get up on the basics of  AR, VR, and mixed reality along with currently available platforms and devices. Best of all, we’ll share examples of ideas for how to use this technology and tailor it to your needs.


Jaime Donally
Jaime Donally
, Educator; Author, Learning Transported Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality for All Classrooms (ISTE, 2018)


2:45-3:00 PM ET

SESSION 2: Making the Most of Virtual Tours

3:00-3:30 PM ET

A powerful advantage of virtual reality is its ability to transport us. Here, you’ll learn how a librarian transformed student learning through virtual tours, which the kids created themselves, illuminating their perspective of local history in a powerful project. Session takeaways: Learn about 360 tours, from how to make your own to the best ready-made options available and how to use them with various users from students to adult patrons.


IdaMae Craddock
IdaMae Craddock
, Librarian, Burley Middle School (VA)

SESSION 3: How Does VR Affect Us?

3:30-4:00 PM ET

VR, it’s here. But how does the technology affect children? What will it bring to healthcare, the world of work? Join us as we explore what we know about VR’s impact in a session that will  unpack the implications of immersive technology. You’ll come away with a greater understanding that will, in turn, better inform your patrons and your programming.


Jakki Bailey
Jakki Bailey
, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas, Austin, School of Information

EXPO WEEK: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

This special session of the workshop will feature a mix of leading tech startups and expert practitioners that focus on immersive technology, plus live giveaways of exciting products!

Giveaways include:

SESSION 1: Tech Overview with Kim Murphree

11:00-11:30 AM ET

Imagine having the world at your fingertips, viewing 3Dimensional content, or even creating your own. With Augmented and Virtual Reality it’s possible! But what tools are best for your setting, your audience, and your budget? In this session we will explore what tools and platforms are available in the exciting world of immersive technology, what equipment you really need to get started, and how can it extend learning and enhance the library experience.


Kim Murphree
Kim Murphree

SESSION 2: Live Demo with MERGE VR

11:30-11:45 AM ET

Learn all about the MERGE Cube, and Goggles, and connect with the vast network of VR support available from MERGE. Plus, take part in a giveaway of 100 MERGE Cubes!

SESSION 3: Live Demo with CoSpaces Edu

11:45 AM-12:00 PM ET

Learn how you can make AR/VR in the classroom or library with this lively session from CoSpaces Edu.


12:00-12:15 PM ET

SESSION 4: Live Demo with Lifeliqe

12:15-12:30 PM ET

Learn about Lifeliqe, the first K-12 science curricula enhanced with interactive 3D models and extended with AR/VR and mixed reality. And sign up for a free subscription to Lifeliqe software to try it out yourself ($30 value)!

SESSION 5: Creating 360° Video Experiences

12:30-12:45 PM ET

In this session with Mark Yap and Richard Tran of the University of Hawai’i, you’ll learn about how to use virtual reality to create 360° video experiences that are learner-centered and rooted in your curriculum.

WEEK 2: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

SESSION 1: Libraries Engage Community Partners Through VR

2:00-2:45 PM ET

Learn how to get started with VR through grants and other types of funding. This session will explore how one public library system secured funding for their VR pilot program, how they’re putting that funding to use to encourage local partnerships, and how they’ve engaged with the community throughout the process.


headshot_circle_0_placeholder John MacLeod Tammy Westergard
Sara Jones
, President, CALIFA; Director of County Library Services, Marin County Free Library (CA)
John MacLeod
, Director, XRLibraries
Tammy A. Westergard, MLS, Assistant Administrator, Archives and Public Records, Nevada State Library


2:45-3:00 PM ET

SESSION 2: Tracking Student Success with VR Kits

3:00-3:30 PM ET

With creative management, VR can shift from a one-to-one experience to a robust, scalable program. You’ll hear how one school district enabled their staff to use the tech and tools across disciplines to track student growth and achievement through VR Kits. Each kit features a range of devices with pre-loaded apps to make learning easy. You’ll hear what goes into the kit, the day-to-day operations required to make the program run smoothly and effectively, and the outcomes its users have been able to achieve in this informative session.


Brian Seymour
Brian Seymour
Director of Instructional Technology, Pickerington Schools (OH)


Register early and get immediate access to archived video recordings from past courses:

Partnering with Universities to Create Cutting EDGE Maker Projects

Matt CookMelissa SkiHigher ed institutions can be untapped resources for public and school librarians. By focusing on emerging technology, you can build collaborative programming with local colleges and universities. This session will outline one such example, a partnership between the Studio Art, Museum, and Library departments at the University of Oklahoma. ArtEDGE provided public school students with experiential learning opportunities, involving art and cutting edge tech, including 3D scanning/printing and virtual reality. During this session, you will learn how to take advantage of institutional resources and networks, including how to establish a partnership with local colleges and universities and develop innovative programming, to teach 21st-century skills.

STEAM lessons with Tricia Fuglestad

Tricia Fuglestad