A Passion for Libraries

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, believes the library is the heart of its community, driving meaningful and measurable outcomes for individual users and groups. Gale is a partner to libraries and businesses looking to deliver educational content, tools and services to support entrepreneurship, encourage self-directed learning, aid in research and instruction, and provide enlightening experiences. Gale has been a leading provider of research and education resources to libraries for 60 years and is committed to supporting the continued innovation and evolution of libraries and their users.

Gale Analytics on Demand

Understand Your Patrons and Their Needs

Discover the insights you need to make (and measure!) an impact with Analytics On Demand, a new data solution that helps libraries quickly and easily learn more about their users and communities.

Analyze gale1

Household-level data lets you identify your patrons to the household level, not the block group (block group analysis identifies the dominant ”cluster,” which can be misleading). With up-to-date Mosaic lifestyle characteristics, get rich demographic data, like population, age, race/ethnicity, and income.


Based on learnings, make changes in your library. Make data-driven decisions to target new populations, create new programs, and better allocate your budget and resources. Use this tool not only for planning but also for the progression of the library’s value in your community.


Run the reports again to see if your changes made the desired impact. By better understanding the communities you serve, leverage your analysis to help define and accomplish your library’s goals. Analytics On Demand can also answer stakeholders’ questions with accurate data.