Transform Your Stacks to Drive Circulation


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Transform Your Stacks is an interactive workshop that guides attendees through a day of learning and exploration to help you identify and seize on opportunities to innovate your circulation strategy and transform your stacks into modern book showrooms that drives library usage and circulation.

In this full-day live event, David Vinjamuri, President of ThirdWay Brand Trainers and NYU Professor of Marketing, brings his expertise to help you understand the challenges presented by the growth of ebooks and self-publishing, the implications of the decline of book discovery though bookstores and the opportunities for libraries to become the best place for readers to discover books.

90% of past participants would recommend the training to a friend or colleague

What you will learn

You will be led through a series of individual and group exercises to

  • Understand the changing book landscape and how it connects to user’s needs
  • Learn how to modernize your space to better serve readers
  • Explore merchandising and visual display options
  • Increase circulation using proven marketing strategies and creative merchandising tactics

Attendees will leave with an action plan to transform your library’s circulation and deepen your relationship with your community no matter what your budget or level of resources.

Participants will also get access to The Commons, an online alumni community where librarians can share resources, make connections, and crowdsource solutions to their challenges.

Who should attend

Transform Your Stacks is designed to optimize the contribution and impact of all library staff and stakeholders who interact with books and circulation, including—but not limited to—Adult and Children Librarians, Collection Development/Acquisitions Librarians, Reference/Information Services Librarian, Cataloging Librarians, Branch Managers, Assistant Directors and Directors.

Past Locations

Tulsa, OK; Thornton, CO; Elgin, IL; Hanover, NH; Suffolk, NY; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Cleveland, OH; Ontario, Canada; Atlanta, GA; Tampa, FL; Salt Lake County, UT; Parsippany, NJ; and Fort Myers, FL.


9:00-9:30 AM: Registration

9:30-11:00 AM: The Library in the Reading Ecosystem

Topics Discussed:

  • Why libraries need to remain experts on reading
  • How the rise of ebooks and the decline of bookstores have changed reading
  • Why libraries have more power in the age of Amazon
  • How modern self-publishing is changing the publishing industry
  • How book discovery has changed and the opportunities for libraries to capitalize on this change

Brand Personality – what is the character of your brand?

11:00-11:15 AM: Midmorning Break/Networking

11:15-12:45 PM: Merchandising 101

Questions Answered:

  • Why a display is important – how does it change the library space?
  • What are merchandising best practices from the private sector?
  • How have these practices been applied to libraries?


  • Display building exercise – Build a tabletop display
  • Display planning – Plan a display you can implement in your library/system

12:45-1:45 PM: Lunch (provided)

1:45-3:15 PM: Merchandising 201

Questions Answered:

  • Why is it important to understand how every space in the library is used?
  • How can I target common pathways that my patrons follow?
  • When is it okay to make destinations (like new books or holds) less accessible?

Concluding Exercise:
Activate a pathway – Use merchandising to change a specific patron pathway with the goal of helping the patron discover a new author

3:15-3:30 PM: Closing Remarks


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 Transform Your Stacks to Drive Circulation

 The Power of Branding: Create & Communicate Your Library’s Brand

Course Facilitator

david vinjamuri